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Harrison Law Office: Your Divorce Lawyers in Winnipeg

The legal ending of a marriage or partnership requires you to deal with practical issues of financial security, child custody and co-parenting at a time when emotions are running high. This is when you need the empathy and objectivity of an experienced divorced lawyer. In Winnipeg, the Harrison Law Office has provided individuals and families the legal guidance and advocacy necessary to create a foundation for a secure future.

Harrison Law Office assists with a variety of family law issues including:

Separation Agreements

Separation is often confusing as partners struggle to redefine their responsibilities. Your family lawyer at Harrison Law Office can help you draw up a separation agreement, clearly delineating property, benefits and access.


We can advise you on matters ranging from spousal and child support to child custody and visitation to the equitable division of property. Our goal, whenever possible, is to promote respectful resolution of conflict while doing our utmost to protect your rights and safety.

Prenuptial Agreements

While many people feel a discussion of prenuptial and cohabitation agreements to be somewhat awkward, having this discussion protects each partner’s rights and assets and can reduce conflict should the relationship end.

Issues of family law are often complicated by conflict and anxiety about a future full of unknowns. While no one can make these issues painless, your lawyer at Harrison Law Office can help you find a practical way forward. Call us today for a consultation. If you feel that it is likely that you will need to involve court process to deal with your family law issue, please contact Lesley Heinrichs.

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